Fitness Tracker (Notion template)


An aesthetically pleasing exercise tracker that logs your training history, and automatically determines calories burned after performing activities like: walking, jogging, running, hiking, biking, stair climbing, boxing and sprinting.

You'll get:

Exercise Log: A straightforward log of your recent exercise which calculates calories burned based on activity duration and intensity, and also calculates calories burned in the past week.

Workout planner: a fitness calendar where you can plan and track daily exercise. The table automatically tracks calories burned in basic activities based on time and intensity level, but you can easily add circuits, exercise routines and plans of your own.

Calorie tracker: a calorie tracker that calculates daily calorie targets based on your maintenance or weight loss goals.

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A useful fitness and diet tracker that logs your training history and tracks how many calories you need to maintain your weight or meet weight loss goals.

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Fitness Tracker (Notion template)

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